The Benefits Of Choosing Cremation Over Burial

The decision between being cremated or being buried is a very personal decision that many people often struggle with. While there is no single solution that is right for everyone, many people find that cremation offers more benefits than the option of burial. Below you can learn more about some of these benefits. Taking the time to review these benefits can assist you in determining if cremation is the right choice for you or your loved one.

Benefit #1: More Affordable

Unfortunately, cost is a factor that many people will need to take into consideration when planning a funeral service. In most cases, cremation will be the most affordable option that people have available to them. This is because cremation will eliminate the need to purchase a coffin, headstone, and traditional burial blot. Eliminating these expenses can greatly reduce the overall cost of laying to rest a deceased family member or friend. Eliminating these expenses can also make pre-planning your own funeral services more affordable if you choose to take advantage of this opportunity to plan ahead. 

Benefit #2: More Options For Dealing With Remains

Traditional burial services leave individuals with truly just one option for dealing with the remains of the deceased. This option is to have the remains buried at a local cemetery. With cremation, there are many more options available. For instance, you can choose to have the cremated remains placed in an urn which can either be kept by a loved one or stored in a memorial building at the local cemetery. These cremated remains can also be distributed among family members or scattered at a location that was meaningful to the deceased. These cremated remains can even be used to make memorial jewelry, fireworks, ammunition, or a variety of other memorial products designed to honor the deceased while providing comfort for the family as well. 

Benefit #3: Cremation Eliminates Potential Gravesite Issues

While the hope is always that a person's gravesite will be undisturbed for all eternity when laying someone to rest, the fact is that there is always the possibility of a gravesite being disturbed either by severe weather or future construction efforts. With cremation, you can completely eliminate the possibility of your loved one's gravesite ever being disturbed since there will be no need to purchase a traditional cemetery plot. This can provide peace of mind knowing that your loved one will be left to rest in peace no matter how you choose to deal with your loved one's cremated remains.

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