Cremation: What First Timers Can Expect

The first time you lose a loved one is hard. Not only do you need to grieve, but you also need to arrange the funeral service. Choosing between burial and cremation is one of the first decisions you have to make. You've decided on cremation, but what happens next? Here's everything a first timer needs to know about cremation.

Where Will You Store the Ashes?

First, there will be a process of choosing a coffin. This is the same for burials and cremations, as it is traditional to do a funeral service regardless of if you choose cremation or burial. Typically, one would do the funeral service before the cremation process.

After the coffin is selected, you will also need to choose how to store the ashes. A memorial urn is the most popular option as you can take the ashes home with you. The urn can also be placed in a memorial garden.

Another popular choice is to scatter the ashes. Then, the only choice that needs to be made is where the ashes will be scattered and who will be present during the scattering. Naturally, you need to also make sure you, legally, have the right to scatter the ashes where you've decided to do so. The funeral home you are planning the services through should be able to help you obtain this information.

Would You Like to Place Any Items In The Coffin?

Bodies can be cremated with memories or favorite belongings. Some of the most common items included are cuddly toys or photos. It's up to you and your family and friends what items should be placed in the coffin. Once the coffin is ready for cremation, the items cannot be removed. Metals cannot be burned, so do not include anything metallic (like jewelry) with your loved one.

How Long Will the Service Last?

An average funeral service lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. The service is an opportunity for loved ones to share their fondest memories of the deceased. These memories can be shared through readings, poems, or songs. Technically, there is no set timeframe for how long a service must last. The length of time tends to depend on the finances of the family paying for the service, how many people are attending the service, and the details regarding what the deceased individual wanted to happen during the service.

The director of a funeral home is the best individual for you to talk to if you have questions regarding the cremation process or the funeral service. He/she would be able to give you a clear idea regarding what to expect. 

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