Tips To Highlight Some Of The Best Moments In A Deceased Relative's Life During A Memorial Service

If you are planning a memorial service for one of your recently deceased relatives, try one or all of the following tips to highlight some of the best moments in the guest of honor's life. While each attendee pays respect to the person who passed away, they may feel at peace due to the uplifting ceremony. 

Presentation And Commentary

Collect photographs of your family member that depict some times in their life where they were truly happy and take them to a photography studio that specializes in converting photographs to slides or a DVD. Rent a video screen to display inside of the funeral home. Prepare a commentary that corresponds to the pictures that you will be sharing.

Discuss the presentation with the funeral director to determine a suitable time to share it with the guests. Speak slowly and clearly as the pictures are displayed across one of the walls. Encourage attendees to vocalize their opinions about any of the pictures by describing in their own word how they remembered each event that is shown.

Tree Of Inspiration

Purchase a small, potted tree that you think your family member would like and set it on a table inside of the funeral home. Place blank index cards, pens, a hole puncher, and pieces of string next to the tree. Encourage each guest to write down a prayer or inspirational quote that relates to your loved on one of the index cards. Instruct them to hang their cards on the tree when they are finished.

Once the tree is covered with written passages, allow each attendee to share what they have written with the others, if they would like to. After the funeral is over, plant the tree on your property so that you are reminded of your family member on a daily basis.

Candlelight Session And Prayer

At the end of the funeral, hand a candle to each guest and light all of them before reciting a prayer that is reflective of your feelings towards your family member. Play one of your family member's favorite songs before each person blows out their candle. To make the occasion more special, purchase candles that have your family member's name printed on them. Once the funeral is over, attendees can take the candles with them and display them in curio cabinets or on shelves in their homes.

The funeral service will be appreciated by all who attend and you can feel at peace, knowing that you and each of the attendees honored your loved one in a positive manner. For more information, contact Shepherd Funeral Home or a similar location.

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