What You Must Consider Before Pre-Planning A Funeral

Pre-planning a funeral is a smart move for many reasons. It can take a huge burden off your loved one's shoulders when they will be grieving in the future. Not only will it prevent them from having to make hard decisions and just guess at what you would have wanted at the service, but it will also save them the financial burden of having to figure out monetary concerns during such an already difficult time. Ultimately, funeral pre-planning is an act of love. When you decide to plan your own funeral, though, there are a few things you need to consider before you go to a meeting to pre-plan this service.

Consider: What Do You Want to Tell The World?

Your memorial service will be your last chance to tell your friends, family members, and others how you think and feel. Be sure to consider what you really want to tell the world as your parting words. You can incorporate this message into the funeral with each choice you make. It's important to first make this decision, so you can keep it in mind throughout the entire process.

Consider: What Music Will Comfort, Inspire, and Represent You?

Music that's played at your funeral should represent you. At the same time, it should also be songs that will comfort your loved ones. If your favorite song is a rap tune with a lot of four-letter words, you may want to leave that song off the playlist. On the other hand, if your loved ones know about its significance to you and have an open mind, it may be okay to choose it for your service. For the most part, it's best to stick to songs that will provide comfort to your loved ones, and tunes that remind them of happy memories you shared together are especially strong choices.

Consider: What Sayings, Writings, and Quotes Do You Want Others to Remember?

One of the special things about pre-planning your funeral is that you have control of pretty much everything to do with your service. You can request that specific people in your life read certain pieces of writing, whether it's something you've written, a poem that you always loved, or a paragraph that describes something you want your loved ones to remember.

Finally, keep in mind that funeral pre-planning is worthy of a great deal of your time and attention. Don't rush the process. Make each choice carefully, keeping in mind what will be in your best interests as well as the interests of your loved ones.

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