Magnificent Mausoleum Memorials This Spring

Bring a breath of spring to your family's mausoleum or grave site with some simple memorial ideas. Create a lasting testament to your loved one that may last for seasons to come. Some tasteful and inexpensive ideas include:

Construct a cairn.

A cairn is a man-made stone statue, often in the shape of a cone, smaller near the top. Cairns have been used to identify a special spot or mark a path in Scottish culture, and these are an intriguing way to pay homage to a loved one that has passed. Go stone hunting and find some various sizes of smooth rocks to build your cairn; wash them well and allow them to dry in the sun before assembling. Consider spreading a layer of sand underneath to help support your construction.

Create a fairy garden.

A fairy garden is basically a miniscule arrangement often planted in a container of some sort; focus on smaller plants, grasses, and accents to make it distinctive and to keep it small. These are clever, lively little displays that are perfect for a gravesite or tomb at a mausoleum. Use tiny ceramic animals, people, and trinkets to give your fairy garden some personality, charm, and even meaning, and secure the container near your loved one's resting place.

Sparkle with glass marbles.

It is common to layer mulch or an aggregate material, such as pebbles or stones, around a gravestone at the cemetery. Try something different by replacing this with glass marbles, which will sparkle and dance in the sun. Another option is to use colored aquarium rocks mixed with aggregate for something a little different; talk with home and garden retailers about unique types of aggregate and biodegradable options that could be used in municipal cemeteries and gravesites.

Engrave a personal marker.

Check out online engravers and customize a marker for your loved one's resting place, gravesite, or urn. Often times these merchants have metal accents, such as crosses or plaques, which can be engraved with names, motifs, and messages that have personal meaning and that can be displayed near or on a headstone or tomb.

Commemorate your loved one's memory and make a mark on the resting place of a loved one with these tasteful and uplifting ideas. Talk to staff at your family's mausoleum to determine the guidelines and learn any restrictions before you construct a memorial on-site. These remembrances bring a tasteful, thoughtful accent to family plots and graves. 

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