Material Options When Looking For A Headstone

You're ready to look for a fitting memorial for your loved one's grave. Once you understand the restrictions imposed by the cemetery, you'll begin your search through a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Here are some of the materials that headstones are commonly made of today.

Find Out What the Limitations Are First

Get the list of requirements from the cemetery that address the type of memorial grave markers they allow. Most cemeteries will specify the materials, size and shape of the headstones that you can erect for your loved one. Once you have this list, you can focus on the type of memorial you want.

Common Headstone Materials

Marble - This is a traditional material that has been popular for years. It is easy to quarry and engrave. It comes in a variety of colors and shades with tiny veins of color that accent the stone. It is often carved into flat slabs, squares and rectangles. It can also be found shaped into cylinders, circles and heart shapes. The stone can be polished to a high gloss or left with a natural matte appearance. Weather can wear down marble to a point where the inscriptions are difficult to read.

Granite - This stone became popular due to its resistance to erosion by the weather. It comes in a variety of colors and can be carved into the same shapes as marble. It can be polished or left natural. The durability of granite means you'll have little maintenance to do to keep it looking good.

Bronze - This is a traditional metal used for headstones. It is poured into molds to create a variety of shapes beyond those in which stone can be carved. Inscriptions etched in bronze are weather resistant. Bronze is polished to a shine, but can form a patina on it that must be buffed out periodically to retain the look.

Concrete - Concrete can also be poured into molds to create a variety of shapes. The concrete can be tinted to look like other materials, such as stone and wood. Resins can be added and the concrete polished to a gloss. The concrete surface can chip so you'll need to periodically patch and polish the headstone to keep it looking nice.

Glass - This is another material that can be formed in molds into a number of shapes. Glass can be etched to include your inscriptions. It can be tinted to different colors or left transparent. Glass can chip or crack should it get hit with something, such as a rock thrown up by a lawnmower.

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