What To Think About When Deciding On A Headstone

The idea of selecting a headstone for yourself might seem odd at first. However, the more you think about it, the more you might choose to make decisions for your own headstone, if only because it is one decision that your loved ones won't have to make during their time of grief. Use these tips to help you select a headstone you'll be comfortable with.

Find Out Cemetery Rules

If you've already chosen a cemetery plot for yourself, before doing anything else you need to find out the rules of the cemetery so that you know what is permitted on the grounds. Some cemeteries permit flat headstones only; grass maintenance in the area is made easier when mowers can roll over all the headstones. If you are committed to being laid to rest in such a space, knowing that you're limited to flat grave markers will help you avoid wasting time looking at other types of stones.

Customize Your Headstone

One reason to choose your own grave marker is that you can customize it to reflect you and your personality. Headstones come in all different kinds of stones and colors. While it may cost a bit more to have a green, red or pink headstone, the fact that you're picking one now will give you time to raise the money for it. If you leave the choice to your relatives and loved ones, they may not be able to raise as much money in a short period of time.

You might also consider going beyond material and color to customize your headstone with etchings or quotes that are in line with your interests and tastes. For example, if you have a favorite band, you might want to select a line from a song to be put on the headstone. If you love a particular sports team, having their logo on your headstone might be something to consider. Your grave marker will be there for years to come and your friends and family will visit it from time to time; do what you can to ensure that the headstone will warm their hearts and remind them of you.

Make use of the suggestions in this article so that you can successfully select a headstone that is both appropriate for your final resting place and reflects the kind of person you are. Talk with funeral directors in the area in order to get more pointers you can use. Contact a business, such as Maurice Moore Memorials, for more information.   

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