3 Creative Ways To Make The Funeral Casket More Of A Personal Item

The casket is usually the centerpiece and focal point of the funeral service, with or without an open-casket viewing. The appearance of the casket is also usually one of the biggest memories friends and family members will take away from the service when everything is over. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that the casket chosen is one that personally reflects the person who is being laid to rest. There are a few creative ways that you can make the funeral casket more of a personal item for your loved one. 

Have guests leave endearing messages on the casket itself. 

This idea works especially well for a closed-casket service and gives those guests in attendance the chance to say their final goodbyes in a unique and personal way. Go with a casket that has an exterior color that dark in hue so that writing will show up well. Set out several paint pens or permanent markers that the funeral attendees can use to write their messages on the casket itself. By the time the funeral is over, everyone will have had the chance to leave a message, a brief note about a favorite memory, or just a final notation of endearment. 

Select your own fabric for the inside lining of the casket. 

Most caskets will come already complete with a soft satiny fabric that exudes the look of comfort. However, you can make the lining of the casket even more personally reflective of the individual inside by selecting your own fabrics to add. Talk to the funeral director about the possibility of selecting a specific type of material to add to the inside of the casket, such as one that boasts a particular graphic print or design. For example, if the person who has passed loved sports, you could go for a fabric liner that has images of their favorite team's emblem. 

Have a message engraved on the exterior shell of the casket. 

The exterior shell of a casket is typically made with metal or wood, which can easily be engraved by a professional and is a service that may be available when you place your order. Lay your loved one to rest in a casket that boasts a favorite poetic verse that they had or even something they were known for saying on a daily basis. This one touch can make the casket much more effective at offering a scene at the funeral that is in remembrance of the dearly departed. Contact a business, such as the Lisa Scott Funeral Home, for more information.   

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