Choosing Cremation In Your Funeral Pre-Plan Gives You More Options

More people are soon expected to choose cremation over traditional full-body burial. One of the reasons for this choice is that you have more options in other areas of your funeral plans. Here are some of the ways that cremation gives you more flexibility as you create your funeral pre-plan.

1. Your family will have greater flexibility when setting up your final funeral arrangements.

When you choose to be cremated shortly after death, sometimes referred to as a direct cremation, your family can take their time executing your final funeral wishes. They'll have more time making arrangements with facilities and speakers. People who will travel from out of town to be at the memorial services will also have more time to plan their travel.

2. You'll have more options as to how your final remains will be managed.

Once cremated, the cremains can be handled in a number of ways:

  • They can be returned to your family for safekeeping. The cremains can be stored in anything from a simple fiberboard box to an ornate metal, crystal or stone urn.
  • Your cremains can be buried in a standard cemetery plot or a smaller piece of land set aside by the cemetery for that purpose.
  • They can be placed in a columbarium niche.
  • Your cremains can be scattered over a favorite outdoor spot, such as a lake or mountainside.
  • They can be used to make a variety of unique items from pencil lead to vinyl records.

3. Cremation gives you some eco-friendly funeral options.

For some people, the choice of cremation lets them have an eco-friendly exit from this planet. Some of the changes include:

  • You won't need the toxic embalming fluids used to preserve the body for a viewing.
  • You won't need a full-sized wood or metal casket. You can choose a container made of sustainable materials, such as seagrass or bamboo.
  • Your cremains will take up less space than a full-body burial, and no space if your ashes are scattered over a favorite location.

4. Getting your body home is easier if you pass away when out of town.

If you pass away while on a trip away from home, it can be an expensive challenge for your family to get your body back home for the funeral. If you choose to be cremated, that can be done wherever you passed away and the cremains sent to your family through a normal delivery service.

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