Making Funeral Arrangements: Is Direct Cremation A Good Option?

If you recently had a loved one pass, you may be in charge of making the funeral arrangements. This includes deciding between cremation and burial. If you don't want a traditional service, direct cremation may be a good option for you. You can talk with a professional, like Holmes Funeral Home, to learn more about cremation services. Here are some things to consider when thinking about direct cremation.

How does direct cremation work?

When you choose direct cremation, the deceased will be taken directly to a crematory. This is done instantly without worrying about preparing the body, embalming it, or getting it ready for other services that come with a traditional cremation or burial. In most cases, this is done at a crematory instead of a funeral home, though some funeral homes offer this service. The ashes are often placed in a simple container so you can choose what to do with them. You may also be able to choose an urn if you are keeping them in your home.

What are the benefits?

With direct cremation, one of the primary benefits is that you can get the process done quickly. Perhaps you know your loved one wanted to be cremated and not buried, so you want to keep it as simple as possible. The family might be dealing with the tragedy of the death and want to get through the grieving process quickly, so direct cremation is a better option. If you already know you just want a simple memorial service in your home, that is another good reason to have it done quickly. It is also considerably less expensive for a direct cremation due to the simplicity. You may pay thousands of dollars for a traditional funeral, but only hundreds for direct cremation.

Can you still have a funeral service?

The purpose of direct cremation is to avoid a traditional funeral service and burial. However, you can still choose to have a memorial service in your own home or another location if you prefer. This doesn't require having the body present, though you can place the ashes in a nice urn and have it set next to a picture or other memorable items from the deceased's life. The direct cremation also doesn't include a wake, visitation, or viewing prior to having the body cremated, so you don't need to worry about planning any of those services. If you are interested in these services, speak to a funeral director about choosing a traditional cremation or burial service.

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