Questions And Answers About Cremation

A funeral can be a very difficult event. If you are the loved one of a person who is recently deceased, available funeral options can seem overwhelming during such an emotional time. Choosing cremation can help make the funeral arrangements easier and faster. Here are a few questions and answers about cremation to help you understand the process and its benefits:

What is cremation?

Cremation is the exposure of human remains to high temperatures ranging from 1400 F to 1800 F, which converts the remains to about three to seven pounds of the most basic elements and small fragments of bone. 

Why is cremation sometimes preferred?

There are multiple reasons why cremation is preferred. Here are a few:

Quick Preparation of the Remains

If the loved ones of the deceased do not want to draw out the preparation process, cremation may be the best option. Cremation can be completed within one to three hours. It does not require the body to be embalmed, cosmetically prepared or specially dressed.

Ability to Maintain Possession of the Remains

The ashes of the deceased may be kept in an urn and placed with a loved one. The remains can reside in the home close to those who loved the deceased. However, the laws governing the disposal of a human body will not permit an embalmed body to remain in the possession of the family.

Preparation of a Damaged Body

If the deceased died in a manner that caused his or her body to be mangled or damaged, an open casket funeral may not be a suitable option. Cremation prepares the body and allows the loved ones to remember the deceased as the person was in life.

Additional Disposal Options

If the deceased person desired that his or her remains be scattered at a particular site, cremation is the best option. Ashes can be scattered at national parks or other favorite outdoor sites.

Why is cremation less expensive?

Cremation does not include the cost of embalming the body, purchasing a casket or even buying a burial plot. In addition, a tombstone is not required.

Does Cremation hamper the memorial service?

The memorial service of the deceased is based on the life of the person. The celebration is not dependent on the presentation of a body. Instead, cremation allows those in attendance to focus on the joyful moments experienced with the deceased. Instead of looking at an embalmed body, large life-filled pictures of the deceased can be displayed.

 If you are planning the funeral preparations of a loved one and are considering cremation, schedule a consultation with a funeral home in your area. Contact a business, such as the Corleto-Latina Funeral Home, for more information.   

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