Three Tips To Remember When Shopping For A Gravestone

Following the death of a loved one, one of the responsibilities you'll often find yourself handling is picking out a gravestone. It might seem easy to feel overwhelmed with this task, given its importance and the fact that you're still in the grieving process. Despite these circumstances, it's important to remain calm and systematically begin the shopping process. You can visit a number of gravestone businesses in your community, but it's generally effective to get a recommendation from the funeral home that is handling your loved one's service. As you begin to evaluate the available options, keep these three tips in mind.

Start By Knowing The Cemetery Guidelines

The first tip that can save you time and effort when you're shopping for a gravestone is to call the office of the cemetery where your loved one will be buried and get a comprehensive list of all the guidelines that pertain to gravestones. Cemeteries can take a wide range of approaches concerning this topic; some specify the maximum size and dimension that gravestones can be, while others have rules about the stone material used and even the design of the gravestone itself. It's hugely beneficial to have a clear understanding of this information before you begin the shopping process.

Think Of Accessory Options

One of the valuable points about present-day gravestones is that they offer much more than just a stone monument that displays the engraved details about the life of your loved one. Gravestones can include vase attachments, holders for memorial wreathes, flag holders and even light accessories. It's important to think of which features you might wish to have included before you choose the gravestone. For example, if you plan on placing a memorial wreath at the site every Veteran's Day, it's beneficial to consider a gravestone with a wreath holder; this accessory will keep the wreath in place instead of it blowing away in the wind.

Consider The Material

Color and overall appearance is important, but it's also valuable to consider choosing a gravestone material that will offer longevity. Marble offers a classic look, but the engravings on marble gravestones can often wear down over the years due to the weather. If you'd rather select a material that is more robust, granite is particularly durable and resistant to the weather. Some people opt for gravestones made of two materials; the pairing of granite and bronze, for example, has a high degree of durability.

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