Who Do You Make The First Calls To When Your Loved One Dies?

It is common to feel emotional and frustrated when a loved one dies. If you are present when your loved one dies, then you are responsible for notifying certain people of the death. Here are five people who should receive the first phone calls.

Local Law Enforcement

If the death was unexpected, such as in the case of a heart attack or stroke, then you should call local law enforcement. When you make this call, police officers and paramedics will come out to the scene. Police can provide support and paramedics can attempt resuscitation. The police will also fill out the appropriate paperwork to document the incident. 

The Coroner

If your loved one dies at home and the death was expected, your first call should be to the coroner. The coroner has to officially announce the death.

Family Members

Obviously, family members should be notified about the death of a loved before they are told by someone else. If your husband died, then you want to notify his children and parents first.  Family members can also help with notifying other family and friends.

Executor of the Estate

If your deceased loved one has an executor over his or her estate, then you need to make a call to this person. An executor of the estate makes sure a person's last wishes are carried out in regard to their property and burial. He or she should have the pre-arranged funeral plan. This information can help you with how to proceed with funeral arrangements.

If your loved one made a prearranged funeral plan, then this take pressure off the family of having to pay for the services. According to Fox Business, a traditional funeral costs around $6,600. This price can increase by an additional $3000 with cemetery services like liners, grave site care and vaults.

Funeral Director

A funeral director removes the body from your home and transports it to the funeral home. If your deceased loved one made a pre-arranged funeral plan, then a director should be listed. This information is essential to prevent having to pay another transport fee for the body to be moved to the appropriate funeral home. The director will charge for having to transport the body to another place.

Losing a loved one is hard on a family. Most families want to get the funeral planning out of the way as soon as possible. It can help the funeral planning go more smoothly. For more information, contact a company like the Parsippany Funeral Home Inc.

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